Under 2C

There is something amazing happening in Paris: Starting today and lasting through December 11, France will be welcoming heads of state from around the world for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change “Under 2C” refers to the goal of limiting warming to below 2°c, which Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scientists say is needed to avoid dangerous climate change (http://under2mou.org/). We are very excited that this time, it may just be possible that world leaders will take meaningful and actionable steps towards a better future. Climate change effects not only us in the agricultural sector, but all of us around the world. To that end, we’d like to offer our own, special “Cyber Monday/Giving Tuesday” deal as we head into the season of giving back.

Starting now, and lasting through noon PST December 1, 2015, Crosby Roamann will donate all proceeds from wine sales to a select group of environmental charities. We hope to raise $3000 in this endeavor.* And as always, all Crosby Roamann wines will ship UPS Carbon Neutral.

Additionally, this season, please consider supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs.  One of our favorites, Start Small Think Big is an amazing non-profit centered around the idea of empowering entrepreneurs through a variety of financial and legal pro-bono services to help amazing business owners grow.  You can donate here and all profits are matched dollar for dollar on Tuesday December 1st:bidpal.net/startsmallgivingtuesday2015

Here’s to a better future,

Juliana & Sean

* Just so we don’t lose our shirts, we have to cap our maximum contribution at $3000. Want to donate more? Go here http://350.org/ or http://www.ran.org/

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have an ongoing debate whether Thanksgiving meal should be labeled “linner” or “dunch” with our children predictably taking opposite sides. The criteria on which we might form the basis of an opinion are unclear. We have a similar debate within our extended family over what sort of turkey should be served and what size, what sort of potato to serve, which sides, when to eat, what to prepare for dessert. Who will cook what? There are strongly held opinions, one might even say entrenched, over otherwise trivial aspects of our linner/dunch, and bizarre, decades old alliances.

Perhaps it’s the debate that matters.

Outside, the late-summer gold of earth extends into the early-winter blue of sky and the vines are almost barren. Their once soft green shoots lignified and brittle: what once bent, now breaks. The soil is moist and the almost-electric-green fuzz of fresh grass covers the hills and fields. From inside come the scattered shouts and murmurs of children. The occasional whistle blows from the television.

This month and next Members receive 2012 Crosby’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine displays a depth and complexity of flavors, with absorbing notes of woodsmoke, boysenberry, vanilla, and milk chocolate. Just 104 cases produced. Members may also now choose to receive their wines twice a year, in Spring and Fall, or may continue to receive them on release. We’ve also added a 3-bottle membership option, which seems in retrospect so obvious were astounded we didn’t think of it earlier. Join the inner circle here: http://crosbyroamann.com/members/

Find the wines here: http://crosbyroamann.com/store/

Wishing you a joyous Thanksgiving with love, peace, and friendship.

Juliana and Sean

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