Crosby Roamann is a small winery consumed with the idea of creating honest, handmade wines. This passion stems from an age-old belief that every vineyard is special, every vintage is unique, and each wine is distinct. The process is not easy. It starts with careful vineyard selection and management, a vigilant crush, and traditional winemaking practices. It’s this hands-on, labor-intensive process that ultimately creates a wine that truly has character and history.

Tasting Appointments.

We are located in the Crusher Wine District in the City of Napa. We offer tastings twice a day, in the morning and the early afternoon. Complimentary UBER coupons are available to and from select hotels in Napa Valley and downtown. Please contact us at (707) 258 – 8599 to schedule an appointment.

About us.

Crosby Roamann is a collaboration of the husband and wife team of Juliana and Sean W. McBride. We both came to wine from wildly different paths. In the beginning, we made our wines at White Rock, which has been a breeding ground for young winemakers for over two decades. The opportunity to work and learn there was fortuitous. Along the way we made new friends, learned new techniques, and experimented with new styles. We worked on Cabernet Sauvignon. We pressed a little Sauvignon Blanc.

It wasn’t until 2010 when we had our first vintage in bottle and two more in barrel that we even decided to sell any of it. And that’s when we left our jobs in Manhattan, sold our apartment in Brooklyn, loaded up the old Volvo station wagon, strapped our baby twin daughters into the back seats, and drove out to California to make a go of it. We are and will remain a small family operation.

Our name honors two great women of the McBride family: Sally Roamann, a stage performer and chorus girl in the Roaring 20’s known for her firecracker personality, and Norma “Peachy” Crosby, a poet raised in the Great Depression who had a tough-as-nails spirit behind her soft beauty. It was a true sense of self and a dedication to their art that forged these remarkable women during difficult times, and it is to these values that Crosby Roamann aspires with every bottle.


All of our wines are handmade, with the greatest care and attention to detail in every aspect of our craft. Our grapes are picked by hand at dawn, when the vineyards are still cool. We sort our entire harvest by hand, and ferment everything in barrel. The red wines are pressed by hand using an old basket press, and we age our wines in barrels for six months to three years, depending. To learn more, please schedule a visit.

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